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Options: Add 360o Swivel (only $750)

Included Features:
Digital Display Universal Remote and Pre-installed HDMI Cables



Motorized TV Cabinet with Eye-Catching features

Unfinished or Optional Custom Finish

The Ritz is one of our most stunning TV lift cabinets. This design is built out of beautiful African Mahogany and has a full fill Presidential Mahogany finish to give added luster.

As one of our most popular motorized TV cabinet systems and thanks to its transitional style, the Ritz finds its way into many different settings. Because of its size, most people place the piece at the foot of the bed creating a stunning and enjoyable media centre in the heart of the bedroom; however, we are able to set up your new Ritz TV lift cabinet to your desired position. Choices other than foot of the bed include placed up against a wall or, floating in the center of a room to showcase the high sheen chocolate-like finish on all four sides.

RPMCoastal Element "All in One" Packages Include:

•Pre-select positioning (foot of bed, against wall, center of room.
•TV lift cabinet with up/down US Made Telescoping lift.
•RFS-200 Universal Remote with digital display.
•Full replacement 5 year warranty on our LED TV Lifts.
•2 Premium (version 1.3) HDMI Cables with Mesh Wrap.
•Universal TV mount.
•Hidden component section to house DVD & cable box.
•Installed IR/RF repeater system.

The component section is located at the bottom of the cabinet to house the DVD and cable box. It is supplied with two pre installed IR emitters and HDMI cables for your plug and play convenience. The DVD and cable box are controlled while hidden inside the component section via the IR emitters. There is also a manual override controller for the lift on the inside of the cabinet. The interior of the component section is also finished in the same high quality African Mahogany.

To add your own personal touch to this simply stunning smart TV lift cabinet, take a look at the available options. These include wireless headphones which are perfect for those choosing a foot of the bed position, as well as a manual 360 degree swivel, back plates and onsite installation.

Included Features:

Pre-installed HDMI Cables Universal TV Mount Digital Display Universal URM Flashers 5 Year Warranty


Exterior dimensions:
53" W x 19.25" D x 34.25" H

Maximum space for TV:
(measure TV with out stand)
40.75" W x 3.75" D** x 25.5" H*, with swivel 24.8" H*

*minor set up adjustments needed if close to max TV height
**up to 4.25" depth can be achieved with an additional charge

Space inside component section:
19.5" W x 14.75" D x 3 5/8" H

Maximum TV weight:
100 lbs.

Wood species:
African Mahogany

Finish and sheen:
Presidential Mahogany with full fill 50% sheen

Foot of bed, against the wall (window), or center of room.
Request positioning when purchasing.


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